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Very interesting article –> How Recruit

Very interesting article –> How Recruiters See Your Resume – Business Insider


Success is a Marathon | http://o

Success is a Marathon | <– Great article

12 Most Don’t Be a Dumbass Rules for Em

12 Most Don’t Be a Dumbass Rules for Email | 12 Most

Five Leadership Mistakes Of The Galactic

Five Leadership Mistakes Of The Galactic Empire – Forbes –>

In case you need to a quick sophisticate

In case you need to a quick sophisticated INSULT the Shakespearian style.

Great #tedtalk by Elizabeth Gilbert on n

Great #tedtalk by Elizabeth Gilbert on nurturing creativity –> #tusguya

Great #tedtalk –> Joe Sabia: The techno

Great #tedtalk –> Joe Sabia: The technology of storytelling –> #usguys #ipad

Startup Lessons Learned – Keynote: Custo

Startup Lessons Learned – Keynote: Customer Development 2.0 (“Why Accountants Don’t Run Startups”)

The Future of Leadership: 8 Significant

The Future of Leadership: 8 Significant Shifts by Jesse Lyn Stoner | By Ted Coine

Entertaining and great #tedtalk by Jenna

Entertaining and great #tedtalk by Jenna McCarthy on Marriage and then some … #usguys